Introducing All Natural Pet Sprays

Willow Creek Springs –


Perris, California – WCS is pleased to these announce Pet Sprays starting on 2/19/2017.

Do you have pets? Are you a dog family? Or maybe cats? Guinea Pigs? Hamsters? Horses? Those extended family members are important to us. These loved ones need all natural products to help heal their cuts, scrapes, hot spots and skin conditions. The All Natural Pet Spray from Willow Creek Springs is great for all kinds of minor conditions in dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, horses, emu, ostrich, goats and every animal on Old MacDonald’s Farm. Spray enough to cover the affected area for rapid relief and maximum healing. All natural food grade ingredients means no harm if they lick the spray from their fur or skin.

Available in two (2) formulations; Original and CBD Formula. The standard formulation is great for topical treatment of symptoms but the CBD formula was created to treat pain and other more serious conditions. This spray is infused with isolated CBD molecules that penetrate the dermal layers. Studies have shown us that CBD compound from the cannabis plant is effective in treating many conditions in humans and many animals. CBD does not produce any psychological effects but goes straight to work healing our bodies and those of our animal loved ones.

Regularly priced at $9.99 for Original Formula and $19.99 for CBD Formula, this product is available at 40% off through the end of February 2017 at

As always, our products are 100% natural ingredients, and that is our promise. No harsh chemical preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances. Just 100% all natural ingredients from tried and true herbal remedies rolled into top quality handmade skin care.

“Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with top quality food for your skin.” – Joe & Liz Grumbine



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