Willow Creek Springs is Looking for Brand Ambassadors!

Do You Want to Be Our Next Brand Ambassador?

Every Month we will be featuring a new amazing individual who embodies our message of quality of life and natural health at every age.

As an Ambassador, we want to know what YOU think about Willow Creek Springs.

We want your experience with our natural therapeutic and skin care products.

As an Ambassador, we’ll ask you to film short videos to share your WCS experiences.

If selected, we will share them with our audience and of course a gift of products and swag.

If you have a great story to share but are not capable of filming yourself, we can help!

Videos not selected for Monthly Ambassador may be used in our “Profiles in health” feature of our upcoming blog.

YOU Could Be Our Next WCS Ambassador if ….

You are a living human being with a voice!

You feel strongly about our products and our company, enough to represent the brand publicly.

You believe that good health is best achieved naturally!

Leaders. Social Media Influencers. Advocates. Pro-Age Revolutionaries.

We are so excited about the Willow Creek Springs Ambassador Program! We’re looking for inspiring individuals with voices that embody our message: loving life at every age. Every month, we’ll feature new Willow Creek Springs Ambassadors on our blog and social media pages. 

As an Ambassador, we want to hear what YOU think about Willow Creek Springs products and our Natural Health and Beauty philosophy.

We ask all Ambassadors to submit photos and short videos showing their personal experiences with Willow Creek Springs.

Full disclosure: Willow Creek Springs Ambassadors do not receive monetary compensation. If you are selected as an Ambassador, you will receive a ton of perks reserved especially for Willow Creek Springs Ambassadors. 

You’ll receive many goodies and other benefits, including…  

  • Free products: We’ll send you a special Ambassador box with a sampling of our five-star-rated therapeutics and skin care. ($500 value)
  • Wholesale discounts: You’ll get exclusive discounts to our products the same as our wholesale reps. (Plus an exclusive discount for your friends and followers.)
  • New offerings: You may be asked to try our newest items first—before they’re released to our reps.
  • Willow Creek Springs Souvenirs: You’ll receive special gifts just for being an Ambassador, like our “Girl” logo sweatshirt. 
  • The Official Willow Creek Springs Ambassador Title: This is a great opportunity to connect and share your voice with thousands of other pro-age women. 

Are You Our Next Ambassador?

We’re looking for influential, inspiring individuals

Think this might be for you? You could be our next Ambassador if…

  • You love Willow Creek Springs! and are excited to spread the word about what we do.
  • You have a strong voice and aren’t afraid to use it. 
  • You’d love to be the “face” and “voice” of Willow Creek Springs!
  • You feel completely at ease filming short videos on your phone or camera. (Or having someone else film you.)
  • You’re excited about being a Natural health advocate

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