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Skin care the way nature intended! Our products are packed full of rich plant-based ingredients that contain well known healing properties. Paired with healthy oils and butters, like hemp, shea, and jojoba, for deep moisturizing conditioning. Your skin will drink up these products like a tall glass of mint iced tea on a hot summer day!

But, hang on a moment…. What isn’t in our products is just as important!
There are not chemical preservatives of any kind in our ingredient lists!
Our products are proud to be:
* Paraben-Free
* Petroleum-Free
* Synthetic-Free
* Formaldehyde-Free
* Artificial Fragrance-Free
* Sodium Benzoate-Free
* Cruelty-Free

Willow Creek Springs is committed to a high standard of excellence. We select only top quality natural ingredients that are ethically sourced.
We stand behind our products because we know they work!

These products are made in small batches for freshness and can be found in fine retail locations or local representatives.

Find your local certified representative here: https://willowcreeksprings.com/locate-a-consultant/

If you would like to learn more about our products and company, take part in our product testing, or participate in our forum and testimonials, sign-up for Member’s Only! access area. We look forward to connecting with you!

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Willow Creek Springs does not sell to the public and this creates a unique opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs to thrive in a direct marketing rather than MLM model. You can control your margins rather than give up to an “upline” We provide training and resources and even the opportunity to be a part of or lead a team if this is your preference and want to join our incredible team of independent representatives, Click to get started.

Willow Creek Springs is a small business incubator and we would love to bring your idea to life

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Joe & Liz


Our mission is to create and distribute natural products that safely improve quality of life while empowering and supporting individuals by providing small business opportunities.


Willow Creek Springs crafts safe and effective therapeutic products using the finest natural ingredients. Focusing on individuals and small businesses, we bring innovation and opportunity through our formulation and product development while offering clients and representatives competitive pricing and flexibility with a family team environment. We believe that education is critical to health and quality of life and we strive to provide world class training and demonstration of our products and services.


Our basic core values can be summed up by the ancient Greek word Arete: Excellence or virtue: We strive to be the very best at what we do.