Beta Tester Team Page

This is the page to access all beta test options.

Please email if you have any questions that are not answered here to

Lets get started!

At Willow Creek Springs, we’re constantly working on new ideas, projects, products, and partnerships.

You have already completed the first step by joining the beta test team.

Step 2) Click on the link to the product that you wish to try and complete your name and relevant information (if you are not a rep, we need to know where to send it)

If you are a representative, you will receive the product requested with your next order you can put it in the notes but hoping that won’t be necessary.

If you are not a representative, we will send you the sample.

Step 3) Fill out the Beta Product Tester Release of Liability Agreement and email it to

When you open the link, make a copy of the document, rename it and then you will be able to edit the document

Once you receive your beta product:

Simply begin using the product as recommended and after you have exhausted the sample, return to this page and click on the link again

This time, complete the survey.

You can sign up to test multiple products but will only receive one at a time and only when the survey from the most recent sample has been completed.

We are currently testing

New powder fill sleep aid capsules Beta test complete (formula now available on wholesale site)

Warming cream #2

Honey Lip Quench with Shimmer and Tint

New toner#1

Strawberry drops 1000mg/30ml

New toner#2

Pain cream #1

New pain salve

Massage lotion #2.

Gel serum for puffy eyes

Cream serum for puffy eyes

Blueberry drops 1000mg/30ml. (Final week of Beta Testing)

Coffee drops 1000mg/30ml

Lemon Drops. 1000mg/30ml

Berry drops 1000mg/30ml

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