Shining brightly!

Willow Creek Springs is a small family owned manufacturer of fine quality therapeutic natural products. One of the reasons besides our incredible product line that we stand out is our business model. We only sell to wholesale accounts and our independent representatives.

We have a close personal relationship with many of our team and do not deal with the mlm rigors of recruiting and low margins. Instead we encourage creativity and support our teams.

We’re just coming off of a difficult couple of years due to the pandemic. Many small businesses suffered as events were shut down and other restrictions. As we’re opening back up full swing, we want to offer some great incentives to our reps, teams and even their clients.

We’re going to be giving some large prizes to our reps for many categories, including:

Best overall performance

Best new ideas

Best engagement

Most improved

Best team

and many other categories. Please feel free to suggest reasons to give prizes.

Some of the information we have internally but the most important part is what the clients say!

You get to vote and share your feedback and will also qualify for prizes if you wish to share your contact info (not necessary to vote)

Click the link and share your experience

Update: May26, 2022

Elyse Rose awarded $250 credit for overwhelming voter response, constant engagement in the forum, consistently maintaining tier status, Consistently taking advantage of specials, High open rate of newsletters, regular contact (consultation) with leadership team, placing events in calendar and actively participating in beta test team. *******Overall Performance**********

Lisa McNabb Awarded $125 credit for greatest team growth and for putting together the event in Desert Hot Springs

Corinna Ryan: for organizing event in June, our leadership team will attend the event, deliver a presentation and provide samples and literature for the event!

Great job TEAM!!!!!!